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MACAW - What Emergency Services at Race Tracks Need

We received tremendous feedback from the various motorsport events we participated at. From SCCA ProRally events to National road race events at Lime Rock Park, CT to drag race events at Raceway Park in Old Bridge, NJ this unit was described as "what emergency services at race tracks need" due to rapid attack & knockdown ability and portability.

As well as motorsports, we used the MACAW at various vehicle rescue challenges & educational venues. It was used for fire protection at the RAFT regional challenge held at the Ford World Corp. headquarters in Dearborn, MI, the vehicle extrication training at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, MD and the US National Extrication Challenge & Learning Symposium in Bethlehem, PA. We will be bringing the MACAW with our instructors at FDIC East in Atlantic City, NJ in October.

The latest group we have shown it to is my own career department. We have been tasked with one of the three large scale support units for EMS in the state of NJ and as part of that is mass decon of casualties. Which as I have seen the MACAW is also well suited.

We have been highly impressed with the MACAW.

Fuel Spill Case Study

A report on the use of Intelagard's Macaw from the Sanford Airport Authority, Office of the Fire Chief, January 2004

Fuel spills are commonplace at airports as well as other industrial settings. These spills cause ramp evacuations, plane loading delays and ultimately departure and arrival delays. These delays all cost money initially but also cost in customer satisfaction. Realizing we had a tool to mitigate fuel spill caused delays we employed the Macaw Backpack in conjunction with liquified microbial agents that encapsulate the hydrocarbon molecule eliminating vapor production. Unlike just covering fuel with an aqueous film forming foam these microbes actually consume the hydrocarbon molecule over time rendering them 90 percent ecologically safe in 90 days. Once fuel spills/leaks sources have been identified and stopped the Macaw Backpack is employed to provide quick and easy application of microbes. When applied and agitated by the fan spray nozzle within seconds vapor production is halted and normal work can resume in areas unaffected by ground liquid. Within minutes the fuel residue/microbe solution can be washed away and the entire area can be placed in service for ramp operations. The Macaw has really been an asset to our operation and we will continue to diversity its use wherever possible.

John "Jay" Shanley
Fire Chief
Orlando Sanford International Airport
January 2, 2004

Putting Out a Run -Away Fire with Next Generation Help

On my way home from the Colorado Safety Association Show, I had quite an exciting time. I had demonstrated Intelagard's Macaw for industrial fire brigade and decontamination applications. Driving by on the highway, I saw an "old boy" burning weeds in a ditch. The fire flared into some bushes and trees. As I drove by, I could see that the guy "managing" the fire needed some next-generation help. I pulled off the highway and went back to the fire scene where he was trying, unsuccessfully, to manage the fire with a pitchfork. I borrowed a 5 gallon bottle of drinking water from a near-by business, filled my Macaw, and poured in Class A Foam concentrate, connected my air bottle, and charged the system. I threw the unit up on the hood of my Jeep, strapped in, and fought the grass fire for about 5 minutes until it was out. The fellow burning the weeds was very thankful that I had the right Intelagard equipment and training at the right time to help him out.

After the fire was out, the Incident Commander from the Fire Department arrived having been notified by neighboring businesses. He asked me if I had put the grass fire out with the Macaw. I told him, "You're damn right I did." He smiled and shook his head. I could see he was impressed with the gear. We exchanged business cards and he asked me to visit him at his fire station the following week with the Macaw and plenty of literature to share with his wildland team. I'll be demonstrating the capability of the Macaw and the folks at Intelagard that back it up when I meet with the Captain again.

All in all, a good story with a happy ending, thanks to your fine products and people. Thanks, Dennis, and everyone at Intelagard!

Will James
April 2005

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