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National Foam to discontinue sale of all PFAS-based foam concentrates in Md.

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ANGIER, N.C. — National Foam announced today that it will discontinue the sale of all PFAS based foam concentrates into the State of Maryland effective March 1, 2021.

More than 20 states have implemented legislation restricting the sale or use of firefighting foams manufactured with intentionally added PFAS chemicals.

National Foam will continue supplying Maryland with its award-winning synthetic fluorine free product offering for various end uses.

UniversalF3 Green 3% x 3% synthetic fluorine free foam UL/ULC and LASTfire listed with hydrocarbon and polar solvents in fresh and saltwater for fixed systems and fuel in depth fires.

MuniF3 Green Plus 3% (Class A/B) municipal firefighting synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate UL/ULC listed with hydrocarbon fires and covers various blends of gasoline including E15 (15% ethanol/gasoline blend) with fresh and brackish water.

Muni F3 Green 3% (Class A/B) municipal firefighting synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate UL/ULC listed formulated for hydrocarbon spill fires and can be used as a wetting agent combating structural and wildland fires.

AvioF3Green KHC 3% (ICAO C) is the industry’s first fluorine free film forming synthetic firefighting foam concentrate designed for ARFF vehicles, oscillating monitors and handlines on Jet A and Jet A1 fuels.

These National Foam synthetic fluorine free concentrates are 100% biodegradable as well as GreenScreen Certified. GreenScreen chemical hazard assessments require a comprehensive toxicological review of 18 human health and environmental hazard endpoints, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, acute and chronic aquatic toxicity, endocrine activity, persistence, and bioaccumulation.

National Foam “RED ALERT” 24/7 emergency firefighting foam service will continue to support Maryland’s municipal and industrial firefighters with its UL/ULC and LASTfire listed UniversalF3 Green synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate.

About National Foam
National Foam is the recognized leader of firefighting foam systems which end-users have come to rely on. Capabilities include R&D, custom system design, field technical support, foam concentrates and foam hardware for fixed and mobile response systems. National Foam supports customers over a wide range of sectors including major oil and petrochemical companies, international airports, military bases, power stations, harbors and ports, and local municipal fire and rescue services.

For more information about National Foam synthetic fluorine free foam products visit our website at or contact your local salesperson.