Novacool UEF Dramatically Decreases amount of Water Required to Extinguish Fires

Flame Management brings you a high-tech fire suppression tool: Novacool UEF. Novacool UEF reduces water usage, is highly cost-effective, and never clogs CAFS systems. 
Novacool UEF key features:
1.   Dramatic and immediate cooling of the fire site
2.   70% faster extinguishment of the fire
3.   90% lower water usage
4.   Most cost-effective fire suppressant on the market
5.   Extinguishes A, B, D and K fires and 3D fires; cools, blankets, and emulsifies surfaces; eliminates possibility of re-ignition.
6.   Usable with eductors, injectors, CAFS, or batch mixed; non-corrosive: no adverse effects on tanks, pumps, valves, and portioning equipment.
7.   Works effectively when mixed with fresh, brackish, or sea water; eliminates run-off and water damage.
8.  Non-toxic, biodegradable, UL Listed.
9.   Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.

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