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Leatherhead Tools Meld Quality American Materials with Expert Craftsmanship

ROCKFORD, IL - In early 2007, Dasco Pro, Inc., a quality hand tool manufacturer since 1922 and one of the last remaining hand toolforging companies in the UnitedStates, turned their attention to the tools being used by fire and rescue personnel. After visiting several firehouses nearby in Rockford (IL) and consulting with area firefighters, they realized that there were many professional firefighters, rescue personnel, and departments, and municipalities looking for innovative products at a better price.

Dasco Pro believed that they could bring value to this underserved market by designing and developing superior quality tools that would be manufactured and assembled in the USA, using American steel, still the world’s finest. Within a year, Dasco was ready to introduce a full line of Fire and Rescue products -- axes, sledges, hooks, and forcible entry tools – that merged the first quality of their forged steel with innovative, hi-density, hi-visibility handles designed to improve durability and reduce the number of tools lost in smoky, low visibility situations.

It was a special tool line worthy of a new name - a name that would express the toughness and durability built into them. A name that would mean something to the professionals that would use them. The product line was named Leatherhead Tools.

Leatherhead Tool Company is the only company dedicated to tools and tools alone. Tools of the highest quality at the best value. Tools that combine the time-tested American forged steel with the innovation of hi-density, hi-visibility extruded fiberglass handles. Tools proudly MADE in the USA.

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