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See What Firefighters have to say about SpeedTech Lights

We have found your product very convincing to purchase again! We ordered the Traffic Directional bar D-470 on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and received it on Friday at 1:PM. We had the unit installed within three hours and that was onto the lower rack of my Chief’s Vehicle, a 2006 Chevrolet 3500 Series Crewcab Dually (long cable run). Your bar provides superior light!! The intensity almost drowns out the Whelen 9000 on the top of the rack. Again, we feel have found the BEST VALUE in equipment lighting!! You really don’t have to mortgage the farm to buy LED lights.

- Jim Collom
Chief, Holley Mountain Airpark Fire Department (HMAFD) - ISO Class 1

Everything was on time and everyone was very helpful and willing to help in anyway possible. Thank you so much for all of your kind and helping services.

- Ted Gorton

For such a low price I wasn’t sure at first of the results, but I was stunned by how bright they are. I am a volunteer firefighter, and these lights are very important for my safety while driving to a scene. I picked the right place. A fellow fireman said those lights must’ve cost around $400 or $500, but I said I got them for $180. SpeedTech Lights knows what the customers want and the price they like too. The products came so fast and work so well, I love them all!

-Vincent Volunteer
Firefighter, Illinois

You have the greatest lights I have seen in a long time!! I have the Blazer mounted above the rearview mirror and the six series in the back window for the arrow stick. Real attention getters!! Moves traffic great!! Thanks again for outfitting my truck so well and so cheaply.

- Captain Curtis Woten
Wapello Co. Rural Fire

They actually put out more light and more attention grabbing Flash Patterns than the brand New LED Full Size bars on our Trucks (Bought from a competitor) . I love the Flash Patterns on these lights, and they synced up perfectly on a single toggle switch I added. THEY MOVE TRAFFIC with ease and can been seen for more then a mile away (as told to me from a Highway Patrolman). Speedtech will have me as a life time Customer for all my lighting needs.

- Joshua R Jenkins
Philidelphia Volunteer Fire Rescue
Philidelphia Tennessee