Group retrofits old ambulances for firefighter rehab

Volunteer groups are raising money and supplies to outfit the rigs with clothes, food and other things to rehab firefighters on long calls

By Darcie Moran

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich. — People will be gathering together to exchange gifts this week, but several local groups have come together to deliver a big present to Washtenaw County first responders in 2015.

Organizers of the newly developed HART program hope to have a refurbished ambulance up and running by the end of March to provide aid to responders at scenes. "It's sorely needed," Pittsfield Township Fire Chief Sean Gleason said.

The HART, or Helping Area Response Teams, ambulance will be outfitted with a microwave and a coffee machine and have food, drinks and extra clothing on hand, said Peace Lutheran Church pastor Larry Courson, who spearheaded the project along with his son, Brent. 

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