Coyote Camp Announces Updated Fireline Chow

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When you want the Best in Field Rations... choose Coyote Camp.

Coyote Camp Fireline Chow is proud to announce some outstanding updates to its product offerings of field-deployable, ready-to-eat foods. In addition to a new Coyote Camp Breakfast Meal, we are now offering:

  • Gary West Beef Jerky - Truly one of the most outstanding Jerkies on the market.
  • Tanka Bar - An excellent, first-of-its-kind, all buffalo meat and cranberry bar. Yummy!!
  • Cliff Bar and Odwalla Bar - The 2 most popular natural food bars available. Moist & Delicious!
  • Emergen-C - A Nutrient packed, add-water electrolyte replacement, with vitamins and minerals. Little packets with lots of punch! Check our website!

Take advantage of our New Product Introductory Offer and our 5 - Case Discount Pricing!

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