Fire Station Checklist- simplifying paperwork and improving efficiency for fire stations

Fire Stations require a high degree of management, with a lot of accuracy. Considering the situations where a fire station has to instantly deploy resources, it is vital that everything always be ready and available in the best condition. For simplifying the work of the fire station staff and to make the management of the resources at the station available, Fire Station Checklist has developed a suite of IT products.

There is a significant amount of paperwork to be filled at every stage of a fire station’s working- when a new shift comes in, when the old one leaves, when the fire trucks are sent for an emergency and so on. Simplification and digitization of these forms are taken care of by Fire Station Checklist. Through this, the staff can easily fill the requisite forms and details from any device- a PC, tablet or smartphone, from any location. This takes away the hassle of printing and filling up paperwork.

The form creation tool allows for a host of features in it- including filtration of lists, creating rules, hiding certain elements, looking and analyzing data and so on. All these features are designed in order to make the forms more efficient and useful.

All the forms created and filled on the Fire Station Checklist platform can be accessed from any mobile device, including all iOS and Android Smartphone’s. There is no specialized equipment required for creating, deploying, filling and managing the forms. The updates made to any forms are instantly sent to all the devices that are accessing them, thus ensuring minimal errors and confusions. The forms can also be integrated with e-mails for better response facilities.

The output of the forms is customizable. It can be emailed to a specific user, posted on the web for forms that are to be made public, put on a Google sheet and a lot more. It also has a simplified PDF integration.  Through the help of this, a PDF form is filled out every time a staff member or any other authorized user makes a form submission.   For decreasing repetitive fields, such as the Date, Name and Station assignment, sub-forms can be integrated into the Fire Stations Checklist interface.

Fire Station Checklist has tried to make the process as simple as possible, which is why the requisite tutorials and supports are all available at their website. These are designed with the aim of letting fire stations get on the platform without investing in additional IT infrastructure and human resource. Tutorials for all phases of the Fire Station Checklist interface are present on their website.

The importance of channelizing the paperwork can be gauged from the fact that it is what monitors the condition of the equipment, the trucks, the inventory and much more. All of these things are important in order to enable the fire station to do its job. Fire Station Checklist, a year after its launch, is surely finding its popularity among fire stations- and it will be interesting to see how it catches up in the near future. 

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