Streetwise Response Software relaunches its Responder product

TERRELL, NC – StreetWise Response Software, a leader in developing cutting-edge solutions for emergency responders, is excited to announce the relaunch of its Responder product, a personal smartphone app for incident notification and situational awareness, with several new features and a new pricing program designed to bring the product to a wider audience

“Previously, our Responder product was intended as a supplement to our other product offerings and really needed those integrations for customers to take advantage of all its industry-leading features. But our Responder users can’t stop singing its praises and consistently tell us it’s the best field product out there, so we made it our goal to broaden Responder’s market by enhancing the feature set and making it more independent”, said Mark Rottenberg, Chief Revenue Officer at StreetWise.


Product changes include:

· Exclusive one-touch audio feature can play live streaming dispatch audio

· Agency administrators can select specific users that can place, edit or remove shared waypoints and hydrants right from the app while restricting this feature for others

· Distance and radius measuring tools are now available to all users

· StreetWise’s unique approach to regional sharing allows multiple departments to share map data and unit locations for enhanced mutual aid response while retaining complete control over their own data

· Best-in-class message processors can handle inbound data from CAD systems in multiple formats, including direct API post, database polling, file pickup or email with emphasis on live and consistent call updates

· No additional StreetWise product subscriptions are required so smaller agencies can choose Responder as a cost- effective alternative to existing solutions they’re not happy with

“StreetWise customers are extremely loyal, and these new features and a new pricing program will encourage more departments to learn why. Anyone who is looking to take a step up with their agency’s personal notification app will find StreetWise is a clear leader” said Phil Kouwe, the company’s CEO.

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About Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC

Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC has been in business as StreetWise CADlink® since 2011, developing, producing and servicing high quality and user-friendly response software. Principal product names are StreetWise CADlink MDT, StreetWise Responder Personal Smartphone App, StreetWise Station SmartBoards and Digital Dispatch LED Signboards.

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