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Beyond the alarm: The definitive guide for building your fire station alerting system (eBook)

Technology has come a long way – what should you look for?

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Your fire department alerting system plays a vital role in your overall response process. A reliable, modernized system will improve turnout time and your team’s mental health.

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Fire station alerting systems have come a long way from the old days of jarring alarm bells and PA announcements. Newer systems can leverage multiple modes of communication and summon firefighters to action in a way that’s less emotionally and psychologically stressful to first responders at rest.


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But there’s a lot more to consider before you make any decision. What else should you think about when your department is weighing a change? This eBook from PURVIS Systems outlines the key factors leaders must evaluate in reviewing their options.

Read more to learn about the 10 critical features to consider when selecting your fire station alerting system, including:

  • How an alerting system must integrate with local computer-aided dispatch systems.
  • How a standards-based approach can keep departments in NFPA compliance and benefit community safety and insurance costs.
  • How ramped, low-intensity and auto-adjusting alerts can be less detrimental to providers’ health.

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