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New PRO Nozzle from MagneGrip protects Firefighter backs and lungs

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CINCINNATI, Ohio — MagneGrip, the only 100% sealed magnetic system meeting the NFPA 1500 standard for diesel exhaust removal, is introducing its latest product innovation at the FDIC International Conference Expo Indianapolis. It’s called the PRO Nozzle, and its new features make it both ergonomic and economical.

The key to the new nozzle design is MagneGrip’s patent-pending flex-magnet technology. With this advance, the PRO Nozzle easily connects to a fire engine’s tailpipe from any angle, allowing firefighters to attach it seamlessly from a standing position.

Other new features include:

• Pull-Down Design – The PRO pull-down design provides a quick and easy connection regardless of tailpipe height and will never meet the floor.

• Space Saving – The PRO 90° transition elbow keeps the hose close to the fire engine, leaving more room for personnel to maneuver around and between vehicles.

• Max Ground Clearance – The PRO offers the smallest standard tailpipe adapter in the industry for greater ground clearance. The PRO is compatible with 4”, 5”, and 6” diameter hoses.

• Durable – The PRO’s cast aluminum transition elbow dissipates heat faster and does not rust. A stainless steel heat shield and air flow through the magnet assembly separate and protect the magnets from heat and particulate, extending magnet life.

MagneGrip will demonstrate its new PRO Nozzle in Booth # 4130 at FDIC International, April 25-30 in Indianapolis.

MagneGrip offers fire and EMS departments free assistance to find diesel exhaust removal and air purification systems grants. To request assistance with fire grants, call 800-875-5440 or visit

About MagneGrip
MagneGrip, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is committed to firefighter health and safety with over 40 years of experience in the air cleaning industry. MagneGrip is ISO 9001:2015 certified, proudly owned and operated by Midwest Ohioans, and manufactured and assembled in the USA.