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READY RACK acquires SLING-LINK WOODSTOCK, IL - Groves Incorporated, manufacturers of READY RACK has acquired SLING-LINK rescue harness systems. Sling-Link products will be available through Ready Rack distributors.

The Sling-Link MAST (Multiple Application Service Tool) is an innovative answer to the need for a rugged, reliable, compact and portable rope replacement for firefighters to deploy in emergencies. Made from commercial grade lifting sling material, the MAST is a series of 5 loops sewn together and interlocked like the links of a chain to create the most flexible rescue tool a firefighter can carry in their pocket.

The MAST is designed for the fire/rescue service as a tool to be utilized in the “Save Our Own” program, Rapid Intervention Team, FAST Teams and is currently being use by the U.S. Marines in Iraq. The MAST is an OSHA approved lifting sling and meets NFPA 1983 as a Personal Use or General Use Auxiliary Harness. It can be used to rig or secure rescue equipment, utilized as a search rope, and as a lifting device. Also available are MAST emergency ladders in 10 or 20 foot lengths.

For more information, visit or call 800-991-2120