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Download MagneGrip’s FREE Grant Guide for Fire and EMS Departments

Access free assistance during the process for AFG grants concerning exhaust removal equipment.

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Helping fire stations afford the essential equipment they need to stay safe

CINCINNATI, Ohio — MagneGrip protects firefighters and first responders by offering exhaust removal systems. These systems are vital in reducing exposure to harmful diesel exhaust and particulates, thereby minimizing injuries and fatalities. To help fire and EMS departments nationwide, MagneGrip assists in pursuing available grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

AFG is scheduled for January 2024, acting promptly and preparing for these grants is essential to increase the chances of approval. MagneGrip is committed to providing free assistance to fire and EMS departments during the process for AFG grants concerning exhaust removal equipment.

Our free grant assistance program is designed to help departments meet application criteria effectively, offering the following key benefits:


  • Personal Assistance by Grant Experts: Our dedicated team of grant experts will guide and support fire and EMS departments throughout the application process, ensuring they have the best chance of securing the grants they need.
  • Grant Writing Training: We provide comprehensive grant writing training to equip departments with the necessary skills and knowledge to craft compelling grant applications.
  • Narrative Review: To strengthen the grant application, our team conducts thorough reviews of narratives to ensure clarity and coherence, increasing the likelihood of success.

Through our collaboration with, MagneGrip offers discounted grant-writing services.

MagneGrip is committed to maintaining continuous contact with departments as they pursue fire grants, ensuring that every opportunity is explored until a suitable grant is secured. By providing vital assistance and resources, MagneGrip aims to empower fire and EMS departments in their mission to protect the well-being of their personnel and communities.

For more information on MagneGrip’s FREE grant assistance – AND to ensure you are ready for AFG, fill out the form to the right to download MagneGrip’s FREE grant guide.