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Streamlight’s flashlight designed for helmet, hand and right-angle use

The Vantage 180 was created using feedback from customers looking for a more versatile helmet light


Photo/Meera Pal

The newest product from Streamlight was created using feedback from its customers looking for a more versatile helmet light.

The Vantage 180 can be used as a helmet light, a handheld flashlight and a right-angle light.

The headlight can be used in high or low mode with a super-bright spot beam of 250 lumens that runs four hours and a low intense beam of 100 lumens that runs for 12 hours.

The LED rear taillight changes from blue to white with the blue light used for better visibility in heavy smoke and the white light used as a downcast flood light to illuminate the ground.

The light, which includes a quick-release helmet bracket as well as a pocket clip and turnout gear attachment hook, comes with two CR123A lithium batteries.

The Vantage 180 has an MSRP of $125.

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