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Product Brief

The device features a 360-degree camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect people and objects within a defined range and warn drivers of a possible collision
The new models allow for tools to be suspended further away from the mounting surface
SABER shirts and pants are chemical, heavy metal, toxin, and PFAS-free
The tethered aerial device can be hard-wired into the vehicle system and does not require a piloting license or certificate of authorization
The Chicago Police Department is the first owner of The HERODrag System, a victim immobilizing rescue system designed for quick, easy deployment and stabilization
The fan uses the same lithium ion batteries as those used in the Dewalt or Milwaukee lineup of power tools
The vehicles deliver on- and off-road, in- and outdoor, gas, diesel and electric options
Rescue specialists will showcase best practices and battery-powered tool performance
The product is FLIR’s most affordable TIC for first responder officers and fire investigators
The Air-Pak X3 Pro combines high-performance material selection with an easy-to-remove harness for cleaning, decontamination and serviceability
The collaboration will provide agencies a streamlined way of managing and tracking narcotic distribution
The customizable pump can accommodate up to four Holmato rescue tools simultaneously without using gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors
The two new nozzles added to the Task Force Tips line offer users a variety of strength and flow options
A broad array of Pierce Manufacturing designs will be on display at the annual event
The FAA-sanctioned industrial grade drone is designed for use specifically in public safety operations
The new ATOM harness, Flash.2 Escape Anchor and G11 Lifeline incorporate customer and CMC school instructors
Strategic partnership between Acela Truck Company and General Truck Body leads to 6x6 high water flood rescue vehicle for fire departments
The Idle Control System is designed to power warning lights, work lights and scene lights for more than 120 minutes
The new fans are designed to withstand the same intense environments as firefighters themselves encounter
The new hose size eliminates more than 20 pounds in weight and allows firefighter more maneuverability on scene
The products are designed to work together to improve command center operations
The company is offering two products to help warn rescue works of dangerous high voltage electrocution risks
The company’s extrication team will demonstrate best practices on 2016/2017 Ford Police Interceptors
The side-by-side vehicles are made for law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel
First Responder Center for Excellence and Firefighter Cancer Support Network were each given $25,000 at FDIC 2018
The company launched ECLIPSE, which is a lightweight SCBA cylinder
The front suspensions can be integrated with the company’s CLASS rear-drive axle suspensions
A stand-alone primary radio communication system and high temperature headset will be displayed