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Ziamatic launches new SURE-GRIP tool, equipment mounts

The new models allow for tools to be suspended further away from the mounting surface



By Rachel Engel

YARDLEY, Pa. — Ziamatic Corp. recently announced the launch of two new SURE-GRIP tool and equipment mount products: model SG-VM-275 and model SG-VM-275-Y.

The new SURE-GRIP models are designed with a 2.75” stand off from the mounting surface and have a .75” to 2” grip range.

“The importance of the new SURE-GRIP that is different from the other options in this product line is the stand off from the mounting surface,” said Keith Creely, vice president of Ziamatic Corp.

“Our new SURE-GRIP allows anything from .75 inches in diameter to 2 inches in diameter to be mounted as well. This new bracket is efficient when one needs to suspend tools and equipment further away from the mounting surface.”

SURE-GRIP Release.jpg


The new SURE-GRIP mounts feature:

  • A 2 3/4″ stand off from mounting surface to bottom of the tool cradle
  • A 3/4″ to 2″ grip range
  • A molded-in support arm that provides assistance and stability while securing a tool or equipment
  • A high-tensile strength plastic base
  • 1″ wide heavy-duty, all-weather hook and loop straps that have secured your tools and equipment for over 20 years. The straps conform to the handle, allowing for a tighter grip on tools.
  • Dual rubber pads that combine for a premium grip

Learn more about the new Ziamatic SURE-GRIP tool and equipment mounts on the company website and stop by booth #5829 at FDIC 2024 to get a closer look.

For more information, please call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit