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1445 Designs Offers the BlackJack Flashlight Holder, Ideal for Any Fire Fighter

PHEONIX, AZ - See what people are saying about this innovative design created to better serve fire rescue professionals everywhere:

“I started a search for a decent light/mount combination about a year ago... everything I ran across was flimsy crap. We have used [the BlackJack] on some fires with everyone singing my praises for ordering them and your praises for inventing them.”
-Dan F.

“Yes, Chris - I picked it up today and it works great. It’s definitely the best light mount I have seen. Thanks for the great product!”
Jake B.

“I am currently using your product to mount a Streamlight on my Cairns 660 Metro. I’ve used it in several fires and this is without a doubt the best device of it’s kind that I’ve ever tried.”
Rodney B.

”...stepped right over the side thinking there was more roof in the shadow. That would’ve never happened if I’d had a helmet light. Not hurt but a close call. I wish I’d had a set up like it long before.”
Dan F.

“I just showed one of my buddies your mount and he wants one too. I will be sending in my order later today.”
Kelly K.

“I LOVE this mount! I’ve used a UK4AA light for years and this is by FAR the best mount I’ve used (3 of UK’s just didn’t measure up). It’s strong, extremely stable and makes my light easier to use on my Cairns 1010 helmet.”
Patrick H.

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