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Research presented on burnout, pain panagement

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Epidemiologist Morgan K. Anderson and Clinical Specialist Douglas Butler, Jr. of the Clinical and Research Services team at ImageTrend.

LAKEVILLE, Minn.- ImageTrend’s Clinical and Research team recently presented research on the topics of first responder burnout and the use of opioids in pain management at the International Scientific Symposium as part of EMS World Expo 2019 in New Orleans. Two of ImageTrend’s posters were displayed, one of which scored high enough to be selected for an oral presentation on October 17. These posters help convey vital information and ideas that can be used to spark conversation and promote change within the industry.

The research project selected for an oral presentation examined first responder burnout using the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory Tool applied to the data from ImageTrend’s CrewCare project, which was released earlier this year. It found that 72 percent of the study population had scores indicative of burnout and shows efforts should focus on ways to prevent burnout, which can lead to staff turnover.

“The Oldenburg Burnout Inventory Tool was just one method we applied to examining stressors on the mental well-being of first responders as part of our contribution to the industry,” commented Morgan K. Anderson, Epidemiologist at ImageTrend. “It was an honor to represent ImageTrend and our partnerships with the states we serve.”

Additionally, at EMS World Expo, Anderson presented research highlights from the first annual CrewCare report at the Data and Tech Summit which included insight on burnout, sleep, stress, support networks, mental health and others. The CrewCare app is anonymous and free to all first responders to help individuals understand personal well-being and stressors, along with providing resources. ImageTrend is committed to the industries it serves by developing technology that benefits all first responders.

The pain management research project, in partnership with the state of Wyoming, looked at the use of fentanyl and morphine for effective pain management in EMS incidents from 2016 to 2019. The data showed of more than 7,700 adult incidents, only 51 percent received effective pain management. The findings highlighted a need to evaluate current protocols involving pain management.

For more insight on burnout and the personal well-being of first responders, register for the free webinar “Behind the Findings: A CrewCare Report” being hosted on November 12.

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CrewCare is a free mobile app designed to help gain insight into life factors that may play a role in anxiety, burnout, depression, PTSD and suicide, which are widespread among those who often face traumatizing situations as part of their occupation, particularly EMS, fire, military and law enforcement. CrewCare was created in response to the growing concerns on mental health within the first responder industry. ImageTrend and the collaborative minds behind CrewCare are committed to making a positive impact on the mental health struggles that first responders may be dealing with. CrewCare is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. To find CrewCare or for more information, go to