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AFG is Now Open – MagneGrip provides free grant assistance for Fire Departments needing exhaust removal systems.

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FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program opens Monday, January 9, 2023. Deadline to submit is February 10.

CINCINNATI, Ohio., — Firefighters all over the country are recognizing MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems as essential safety equipment for their station’s health and wellness against diesel exhaust fumes. In partnership with FireGrantsHelp, MagneGrip offers FREE expert assistance to fire and EMS departments in finding grants for exhaust removal systems, including MagneGrip’s new PRO nozzle.

Whether you’re just in the research phase or if you need help adding the final touches for approval, MagneGrip and FireGrantsHelp are here to guide you every step of the way. MagneGrip’s free grant assistance program helps departments meet application criteria by providing:

  • Personal assistance by grant experts
  • Grant writing training
  • Narrative review

Optional grant writing is also available to fire and EMS departments at a 50% discount through, an independent resource sponsored by MagneGrip.

MagneGrip’s Exhaust Removal System featuring their new PRO Nozzle is eligible to be covered by an AFG grant. MagneGrip’s PRO Nozzle features new Flex-Magnet Technology – allowing it to connect from any angle – while having a slim profile, saving tons of space in the station. And ONLY MagneGrip provides a true 100% seal to eliminate 100% of diesel exhaust fumes


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Watch this video from the Springdale, Ohio Fire Department about using its AFG grant for a new exhaust removal system and why they love MagneGrip’s PRO nozzle.

About MagneGrip


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MagneGrip, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is committed to firefighter health and safety with over 40 years of experience in the air cleaning industry. MagneGrip is ISO 9001:2015 certified, proudly owned and operated by Midwest Ohioans, and manufactured and assembled in the USA.

To learn more about the grant application process and what MagneGrip can do to help protect your station against diesel exhaust fumes, visit or call 800-875-5440.