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Airspace AGS™ Technology Makes Airspace Monitors Easy to Use with Great Values and Exceptionally Low Cost of Ownership

Menomonee Falls, WI - There are numerous reasons why the Airspace Gas Detection Devices are the best options on the market. From their compact nature to their practicality every rescue team should have them in stock. Below is a list of reasons why AGS Technology and Airspace continue to lead the market in affordable, easy to use, gas detection monitors.

1. AGS™ technology does a constant status check that confirms the sensor is functioning. That feature eliminates the hassle, expense and liability of routinely bump testing to look at the sensor.

2. No calibration is necessary. In fact, we guarantee our sensor will hold its calibration for five years. If it should wander in that time, we will replace it without charge.

3. We offer the industry’s only five year warranty. Every part of the monitor is warranted for five years, except the AA batteries that power it.

4. AGS™ technology self manages. Training is reduced to sliding on the switch and waiting a few seconds for a green status light. The green status light is confirming the sensor is functioning, the electronics are good and the sensor has a good “zero” – all automatically.

5. AGS™ technology self “zeros”. Contamination is probably the most common problem encountered by sensors – shortening life and creating frequent need to recalibrate in older technologies. AGS™ will burn off most contamination and return itself to zero – automatically. No re-calibration necessary.
All sensors, including ours, can be overwhelmed by some contaminants – holding a monitor in the exhaust of a vehicle, for example – or spraying with alcohol based cleaners. Again, our monitor will tell you it has been damaged when you turn it on – you don’t need to bump test to find that out. In most cases it will clean itself, however, like any sensor of any technology, it can be overwhelmed by mishandling.

6. Our technology stores without degrading. There are no chemicals that deplete. A specially designed case allows atmospherically neutral storage which will eliminate a large percentage of the problems other monitors experience from contamination while not being used.

7. Our AI-1201 combines an LEL capability along with CO. We calibrate the LEL side to Methane since it can be a “silent” gas in its pure form. Because it is an LEL meter it will respond to other hydro carbon gases like Natural Gas, Propane, Gasoline, Hydrogen, etc. The readings won’t be accurate for gases other than CO and methane, but it will give you the ability to see if the ambient air is saturating with most hydro carbon gases. Any PPM reading will be an indication of higher risk for explosion. It looks for all the LEL’s and CO at the same time - automatically. The operator needs only to turn it on and check for a green status light. At about $500.00 and with a five year warranty it’s an exceptional value.

8. No additional equipment is required. We operate on simple AA alkaline batteries – no charging station required. Eliminating the need to calibrate makes all that extra equipment unnecessary as well.