Introducing the new BioBag integrated with VacMat from FareTec for Response to CRBNE Attacks

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Designed for use during chemical and biological incidents or in catastrophic events in civilian, commercial or military environments.

The FareTec BioBag provides the First Responder protection from contamination or cross-contamination. It makes possible the safe transport of infected, or wounded patients, in the contaminated surroundings to the place destined for treatment. This product can maintain an absolute gas-tight environment amidst the harshest surroundings. This gas-tightness is assured by proven materials and technologies of production on the principle of VF welding. The BIOBAG can be transported by any traffic mean, including plane and helicopter. It has been designed for easy setup, easy patient insertion. The patient is immobilized with an interior Vacuum Mattress.

Ideally to be used for:

• Transport of wounded and contaminated victims
• NBC terrorism
• Protection against the import of dangerous infection
• An attack using NBC weapons
• Industrial accidents
• Chemical or Biological accidents in or out of laboratories
• Primary and secondary transport of infected victims

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