RAE Systems Announces New Training Courses

SAN JOSE, Calif. - RAE Systems Announces New Training Courses
Arriving on your doorstep soon: the new 2006-2007 RAE Systems Training Catalog.


• New courses for end users and distributors
• More regional Certified Service Technician classes
• Receive American Board of Industrial Hygienist Certification Management points for some classes

Visit the RAE site for more details.
About RAE Systems Inc.
RAE Systems, founded in 1991, is a leading global developer and manufacturer of rapidly deployable chemical and radiation detection monitors and multi-sensor networks for homeland security and industrial applications. RAE Systems’ technologically advanced products are based on proprietary technology, and include a full line of portable, wireless and fixed atmospheric monitors and photoionization detectors and gamma and neutron radiation detectors for the detection and early warning of hazardous materials.

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