RAE Systems Announces the MiniRAE 3000, a Portable Handheld VOC Monitor

A leader in HazMat applications, RAE Systems offers its latest device: the portable, handheld MiniRAE 3000, perfect for all first responders

SAN JOSE, CA - HazMat teams, firefighters, and arson investigators know they can depend on the MiniRAE 3000 to be rugged and ready for duty when they need it. The unit operates for extended periods thanks to a long life, drop-in lithium-ion battery pack. Interchangeable lamps measure the largest number of VOCs, and the MiniRAE 3000’s list of 200 built-in correction factors allows the user to easily switch to any of these compounds for better measurement accuracy in the field.

Military, police and SWAT personnel will appreciate RAE Systems’ three-button button user interface. Oversized buttons enable ease of use while wearing gloves. The MiniRAE 3000’s 95dB acoustic alarm is readily heard in the noisiest environments and its ultra-bright optical alarm is highly visible and easy to notice. The built-in flashlight provides additional safety and functionality in dark conditions.

The MiniRAE 3000 utilizes the following features:
• Integrated Bluetooth chip: Data download to computer without plugging and unplugging cables.
• Integrated wireless modem: Obtain real-time data, be aware up front of any abnormal events like leaks or spills.
• Works with RAElink3 modem with GPS: Monitor real-time location of people carrying the instrument, resulting in increased safety and monitoring.
• Large, graphic display: More data displayed, including Correction Factors. Large numbers provide better visibility.
• Built-in Flashlight: Operable in dark conditions and provides an added safety feature.
• Alkaline battery adapter: Flexibility of operation, not dependent on Li-Ion battery. Ideal for on-the-go usage.
• Low quiescent power draw: Detector will work for hours in emergency situations, even if only used once per month.
• IP-67 waterproof when unit is off: Easy to decontaminate in water.
• Removable rubber boot: Easy to clean or decontaminate. Product remains clean after years of use.

Order the MiniRAE 3000 VOC today by contacting a RAE Systems sales representative or our global sales force at

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