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Trellchem Partners with Radiation Shield Technologies on CBRN Protective Suits

Mansfield, MA – Trelleborg-Viking, Inc is pleased to announce they have partnered with Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) to distribute their full line of Nuclear & Chemical protective suits, vests & garments.

RST’s patented fabric called DemronTM contains embedded metal particles and other compounds capable of blocking X-rays, low-energy gamma rays and other types of nuclear emission that are found anywhere from a nuclear facility to the site of a dirty bomb blast. The new Demron-W goes one step further to combine this nuclear blockage with chemical & biological protection, literally putting the “N” back into “CBRN”.

“Until Demron-W, our military and first-responders have been forced to choose what protective suit to wear based on the specific threat they faced. Demron-W suits eliminate the quesswork by providing complete protection from all types of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards, something no other suit can do.” says Dr. Ronald DeMeo, MD, the surgeon who developed Demron technology. “By partnering with Trelleborg Protective Products, we are able to work more closely with the First-Responder community, and utilize their expertise in getting our products to the people who need them.”

Demron-W is the only material to fully pass all NFPA 1994-2007 Class 2 requirements, along with protection against Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Rays. Other key features of the suit include:

- Protects against nuclear emissions and ionizing radioactive sources;
- Exceeded all Class 2 material requirements for NFPA 1994-2007, Standard on Protective
Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents
- 50% greater Heat Dissipation when compared to traditional Chemical suits
- Material is Lead & PVC free
- Superior resistance tears, punctures & cuts
- Unparalleled flexibility & usability in a Level B suit design

For more information on this suit, or to request a demonstration, feel free to contact Trellchem directly at, or call (800)344-4458.

About Trelleborg-Viking, Inc.,
Trelleborg-Viking, Inc., with US Operations based in Mansfield, MA, is a leading Global designer, manufacturer & distributor of Chemical Protective Ensembles (including multiple suits certified to NFPA 1991-2005), Protective Shelters, Hoods and Dry Suits. Trelleborg’s full line of products sold under the brand names of “Trellchem”, “Viking” & “TrellTent” have been re-defining PPE & Hazmat Diving for over 75 years. For further information, please visit either or, or email them at