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Zephyr Technology Validates PSM Defense With US Special Operations Forces

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Zephyr Technology, developers of Performance Status Monitor (PSM) solutions for the US Department of Defense, announced today that Phase 1 of a Spiral Development was successfully delivered to US Special Operations Forces.

This spiral development extended Zephyr’s first deliverable, which enabled real time remote monitoring of the warfighters physiology over tactical radios for command purposes and aid Combat Casualty Care. Phase 1 added to the sensor suite and increased comfort for new body armor designs. This technology affords operational teams the ability to not only train to peak performance levels, but also to see how they are doing in an operational situation ensuring everyone is mission capable. Should a warfighter be injured or wounded, Zephyr’s PSM Defense Solution, delivers information to the commanders and medics; increasing mission success by supplying critical data in a dynamic situation.

The Phase 1 development of this project extended the Command and Control aspect of PSM to Combat Casualty Care, adding SpO2, Blood Pressure and Medic orientated screen functionality to the graphical software. This addition is significant for the medic and the warfighter. In a triage situation, the medic now has the ability to monitor 7 warfighters simultaneously over secure Bluetooth communication. In addition, the MEDEVAC and the FOB can increase speed and quality of care as they have trend information before they receive casualties.

“We are proud to work with US Special Operations Forces to provide PSM solutions. We couldn’t ask for a more professional and experienced end customer to guide the technology for operational use. This development delivers ISR on the warfighter and is a significant step forward in Command and Control decisions based on the status of the most important weapon on the battlefield, namely the warfighter,” says Brian Russell, Zephyr’s CEO.

About Zephyr Technology
Zephyr Technology is a global leader in real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring or “Physical Status Monitoring” (PSM) solutions for Defense, First Responder, Training and the Academic Research markets. Zephyr Technology leverages a world class team of engineers, scientists, physiologists and business experts.

Founded in 2003, Zephyr Technology has been a pioneer in the use of PSM in training and high stress operational environments. The company’s ongoing collaboration with fire departments, NASA Ames Research Centre, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and US Special Operations Forces has been invaluable in the development and validation of Zephyr’s technology and its application in the most extreme operating environments to Measure Life... Anywhere!

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