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Chesapeake and Richmond Partner with Lexipol for Virginia Fire Policy Solution

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DALLAS, March 26, 2019 – Lexipol, the leading provider of state-specific policies and training for public safety agencies, is pleased to announce two new customers in Virginia: Chesapeake Fire Department and Richmond Fire and Emergency Services. The agencies, located in two of the largest cities in the state, protect communities of nearly half a million residents.

Chesapeake Fire Department was founded in 1963 and operates 15 stations. The 423 fire service members on staff cover 353 square miles and nearly 38,000 calls per year. Richmond Fire and Emergency Services, founded in 1858, operates 20 stations spanning 62.5 square miles. More than 430 fire service members are on staff and respond to approximately 37,000 calls per year.

Developed by industry professionals and public safety attorneys, the Lexipol Virginia Fire Policy and Training Solution includes more than 165 policies and 25 procedures for high-risk operations that are continuously updated to meet changes in laws and best practices. The subscription-based service also includes training bulletins, policy acknowledgment tracking and a mobile app where firefighters can access policies and procedures.

“We are pleased to welcome both departments,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “By partnering with Lexipol, these agencies demonstrate their commitment to departmental and operational excellence as well as enhancing the safety of the communities they serve.” This sentiment was echoed by Chesapeake Fire Department Chief Edmund Elliott. “By providing us with policies that address federal laws and regulations, as well as those of the Commonwealth, Lexipol gives us confidence we’re delivering the best service possible to our customers,” Chief Elliott said. “Following best practice guidelines is critical for the safety of our firefighters.”

Along with policies and procedures, the two departments will have access to training resources that help personnel learn and apply policies. “The Daily Training Bulletins bring our policies to life,” said Captain Travis Preau of Richmond Fire and Emergency Services. “The scenario-based questions are an easy way to reinforce policy and procedure understanding and bring more consistency to our operations across stations and shifts.”

Lexipol currently offers public safety policies and training to more than 3,500 agencies in 35 states.

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About Lexipol

Lexipol is America’s leading source of state-specific policy and training solutions that reduce risk, lower litigation costs and improve personnel safety in law enforcement agencies, fire departments and corrections facilities. Delivered via an online platform and mobile app, Lexipol’s content is continuously updated to address legislative changes and evolving best practices. Using accountability tools and integrated training, Lexipol provides a cost-effective way for agencies to enhance policy compliance and understanding, allowing leaders to focus more resources on serving their communities. With principal offices in Dallas, Texas, and Irvine, California, Lexipol offers policy management solutions to more than 3,500 agencies in 35 states. For additional information, visit

About Chesapeake Fire Department

The Chesapeake Fire Department (CFD) has 15 fire stations located throughout the City’s 353 square miles. CFD is a progressive organization and its mission is to save lives and protect property by providing responsive and caring services. The Department consists of engine companies, ladder companies, medic units, technical rescue, hazardous materials, foam and marine firefighting specialty teams. CFD’s fire prevention efforts include fire code enforcement, inspections, plan reviews, and public education programs.

About Richmond Fire and Emergency Services

The City of Richmond (VA) Department of Fire and Emergency Services has been serving the capital City since 1858. Today, between sworn and civilian staff we are 433 strong. We are divided into four Battalions with six companies assigned to each. Administration; Safety and Response Operations; Office of Emergency Management; and Support Services (to include Fire Prevention, Investigations, Training, Budget, and Logistics) make up our four internal divisions located at Fire Headquarters. Our firefighters operate out of 20 Fire Stations located within our 62.5 square miles. The Department provides fire and life safety response to approximately 220,000 residents and over 400,000 workers and visitors each day. We are equipped with 19 engine companies, 5 truck companies, 2 Foam Tankers, 2 Brush units, HazMat Response vehicles, Technical and Water Rescue vehicles, and other support apparatus. The department responds to over 37,000 calls for service each year and has an operating budget of nearly $49 million.