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Lexipol provides fully developed, state-specific fire department policies researched and written by subject matter experts and vetted by attorneys. Our policies are based on nationwide standards and best practices while also incorporating state and federal laws and regulations where appropriate. Best of all, we keep your policies updated for you, saving you time and money.

With Lexipol, you will enhance personnel accountability, reduce liability, save time and money on policy management AND rest easy knowing your department is protected.

The uncertainty of complex problems requires flexibility when crafting responses
In this tip, Gordon Graham reminds first responders not to go on autopilot when it comes to completing training requirements, because “lives depend on it”
As the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates said, “If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.”
It’s up to each of us to do the work and ensure we’re complementing each other’s missions
Make sure your department’s traditions, behaviors and practices aren’t putting a damper on member retention or recruitment
Simple gestures, like checking in after difficult calls or noticing changes in behavior, can make a significant difference
These five strategies are designed to help you overcome exhaustion and maintain momentum toward your fitness goals
Incident reports can be helpful, but do you recall the date and address of every incident you ever responded to? You need something more.
Take steps to prioritize your wellness so you can better serve your community, your colleagues and your family
Departments that fail to engage the family in firefighter wellness are missing a powerful tool
While it can be useful and effective, social media is not always simple
Effective mutual aid agreements are built on professional relationships, shared goals, and trust
Carroll County Fire & EMS had file cabinets with outdated information before they began using software from Lexipol
Lexipol employees have a personal love and passion for the public safety industry
The added wealth of experience, leadership will continue to bring innovative solutions to customers in public safety
The nomination for the 2024 Business Intelligence Group award focused on the Cordico wellness app
Lexipol’s comprehensive suite of solutions address key challenges for public safety and local government agencies
The Best in Biz Award recognizes the new version of Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app for first responders
Get to know your people, listen to their input, and allow them to use their skills and abilities
The public’s First Amendment right to film is strongest when it comes to filming governmental employees engaged in their public duties in public places
Training our minds to prepare for the worst possible outcome may lead to catastrophizing, which can cause fatigue and other mental and physical health problems
Community outreach and education may not have been what you signed up for, but it’s a critical role of first responders
Fire departments and individual members can take several measures to make cold weather operations safer and more comfortable
The badge is a widely recognized symbol of authority; it is also a symbol of public faith and trust
When an incident turns violent, firefighters should be familiar with the process for removing members from the scene
According to a recent report, 80% of millennial workers say they consider work-life balance when deciding whether to take a job
The fireground can be a dangerous place for a number of reasons and firearm discharges are one of them