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Controlling the Harbor- Newest DRASH Solution Helps HC3 Program Move Forward


In August, the DHS Systems Technical Publications Team participated in a Logistics Demonstration conducted at Tobyhanna, PA designed to push one of the company’s latest solution to the max. The exercise, held most of the month of August, featured a digitally controlled TMSS Medium shelter system designed to power the Harbor Master Command and Control (HC3) radar/sonor array and receiving equipment.

DHS Systems has been working with soldiers to develop a solution that helps the Army better regulate and manage traffic in a crowded harbor, seaport, and beaches during overseas contingency operations. Knowing the kinds of vessels and their locations at sea provides commanders with the flexibility to direct and control the movement of military or supply vessels to ensure their safety and security as they navigate unfamiliar waterways

The program combines the proven reliability and functionality of a DRASH TMSS Medium System with 442 square feet of usable workspace and the combined power output of twin Gensets on the DRASH HP-6G/18 trailer. The HP-6G/18 trailer uses DRASH Intelligent Power Technology™ (IPT) that reduces fuel consumption and increases operational efficiency. Features include a state-of-the-art digital control panel, an automatic start/stop feature to allow for more efficient generator function, load sharing to allow users to connect multiple generators together, and a power management system that will turn off low priority loads as needed.

During the Logistics Demonstration, military personnel worked closely with members of the DHS’ Technical Publications Team and learned how to properly utilize the DRASH trailer’s generator to power the HC3 monitoring equipment. Gensent start-up and maintenance procedures were also demonstrated.

By participating in the demonstration, DRASH was able to work first hand with the 492nd Harbormaster Sustainment Brigade that will receive these new trailers to gain insight into possible programming and engineering changes to be made in the future.

The program group also provided DRASH with feedback on their newest technology. “The feedback was very positive,” says Brian LeHuray, Manager for DHS Technologies Technical Publications Group, who led the Logistics Demonstration over the course of several weeks. “The Department of the Army officials liked the system and were extremely impressed with the outcome.”