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Dynamic Instruments Introduces the DI Reliant™ Hybrid VoIP Recorder

Single solution recorder for all mission-critical recordings of VoIP, analog, digital PBX, and T1/E1 communications

SAN DIEGO - To meet the challenges of recording in a hybrid environment with VoIP, Dynamic Instruments today introduced its DI ReliantT Hybrid VoIP Recorder - a new hybrid recorder featuring a single-chassis design for multi-protocol recordings of VoIP, analog, digital PBX, and T1/E1 communications.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder is a plug-and-play, one-box, one-database, and one-interface solution that is designed for the public safety, medical, government, homeland security, utility, financial, transportation, ca mpus security, and military industries.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder provides 24/7 recording for organizations with compliance, liability verification, and quality assurance/performance improvement needs, and is also ideal for companies that have remote call agents or decentralized operations that need to monitor their calls more cost effectively and with greater accuracy and ease.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder allows users to interface seamlessly with disparate technologies and protocols, and provides flexibility to meet changing and evolving needs. It also allows enterprises to record the most common protocols used in communication networks such as SIP 2.0, Cisco SCCP (skinny), and Avaya, and is easily configured for most networks and hybrid communication systems.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder is built on the company’s flagship Reliant platform, which is renowned for its reliability, durability, and flexibility. It also features th e same user interface that many front-line PSAP users know, are comfortable with, and find easy to use.

“Organizations in need of full-time recording for compliance, liability, and quality assurance issues will find the DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder to be a powerful solution. It will empower users to access and reconstruct clear recordings of calls, whether they are made from VoIP, analog, digital PBX, or T1/E1 platforms,” said Rob Swette, vice president of Dynamic Instruments.

Before the introduction of the DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder, companies wishing to record calls within hybrid communication and data networks needed two or more disparate - and often expensive products - making it cumbersome, unreliable, and costly.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder resolves all these problems by giving end users unmatched functionality in a single chassis - an innovation that saves space, simplifies installation and start-up, reduces equipment and lifecycl e costs, and decreases the complexity of a network.

The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder comes with numerous features to meet the challenges posed by hybrid environments and the evolving technological landscape, including:
• Easy configuration for most networks and hybrid communication systems
• Simple-to-use, intuitive user interfaces that allow individuals to set-up, record, locate, retrieve, duplicate and distribute audio records
•"Plug-and-play” solution

“Single-chassis products that can record all platforms will be the most desirable solutions because of their ease of use, small footprint, and reliability. The DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder is an example of such a product, and will allow organizations with hybrid environments to record communications easily, reliably, and efficiently,” added Mr. Swette.

For more information about the DI Reliant Hybrid VoIP Recorder, call (800) 793-3358 or visit

About Dynamic Instruments
Dynamic Instruments is a San Diego-based manufacturer of digital voice logging recorders and vibration analyzers u sed by some of the most prestigious and security-conscious corporations and government agencies. The company is known for its world-class lean manufacturing processes, ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, well-designed products, award-winning best industry practices, and community outreach efforts. The company also has one of the most loyal workforces in the San Diego area, with average employee retention exceeding ten years of tenure.