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EZ LIFT Rescue Systems Announces Former Stryker CEO Joins Board of Directors

Park City, UtahEZ LIFT Rescue Systems™ Inc. (EZ LIFT), an emerging leader in back saving EMS products, announced today that Stephen P. MacMillan, former Chairman and CEO of Stryker, has joined the company’s Board of Directors and become an investor in the company.

The EZ LIFT Rescue System is a patented, easy to implement, solution to the lift problem that allows first responders to lift patients from a safe position – just below the knees rather than from the danger zone below the knees and in front of their body that traditional backboards demand. The EZ LIFT Rescue System features a patented handle that retracts when not in use, as well as a patented line of accessory products including an ergonomically correct head immobilizer, knee wedge and strapping systems. All of the accessory products are designed to be low cost, disposable products that are used once for each transport.

Dr. Robert Heck, cofounder and chairman, said, “We are thrilled to have a professional of Steve’s caliber join our Board of Directors. His deep experience and industry knowledge will help ensure that EZ LIFT Rescue Systems gets the market traction and industry attention we need as we begin to grow the company, as well as guide our operations as we grow.”

“It’s rare to find a product with such potential,” MacMillan said. “EZ LIFT Rescue Systems belongs to a very small group of truly innovative ergonomic products that protect our first line responders. It will extend careers in an industry that is still experiencing endemic problems with back injuries, improve emergency healthcare delivery and protect patients, all while reducing operational costs. I’m excited about the chance to work with the EZ LIFT Rescue team to build a very special global company based in Utah.”

About EZ LIFT Rescue Systems
With a breakthrough, patented design, the EZ LIFT Rescue Systems™ has reinvented the traditional backboard to make lifting safer and reduce on-the-job back injuries without sacrificing patient comfort and security. The unique design uses extendable handles to allow firefighters and EMS personnel to lift from a safe position near, at, or above the knees – as opposed to the conventional lifting position from the floor to the gurney. EZ LIFT Rescue Systems has a complete line of innovative rescue products now available through Southeastern Emergency Equipment ( You can see EZ LIFT Rescue in action at