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Fire-Dex hosts ‘Happy New Gear’ giveaway

Enter Fire-Dex’s HAPPY NEW GEAR giveaway here. Winners will be announced in December 2017.

MEDINA, Ohio — Fire-Dex is hosting a HAPPY NEW GEAR giveaway December 1-7, 2017 – just in time for 2018!


Each day, Fire-Dex is giving away some of their gear + a TECGEN71 Booney Hat, leading up to the grand prize Interceptor Package™.

The grand prize winner will be announced on Thursday, December 7th. The recipient will receive our Interceptor Package™, which includes Fire-Dex FXR turnout gear featuring our new game-changing outer shell, TECGEN71, the H41 Interceptor Hood and a set of TECGEN51, PPE for 90% of your calls.

The first winner will be announced on Friday, December 1st.


Day 1 – Dec 1
H41 Interceptor Hood + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 2 – Dec 2
H41 Interceptor Hood + Dex-Pro Gloves + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 3 – Dec 3
H41 Interceptor Hood + Helmet + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 4 – Dec 4
H41 Interceptor Hood + FDXL-100 Boots + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 5 – Dec 5
H41 Interceptor Hood + TECGEN51 + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 6 – Dec 6
FXR-TECGEN71 + H41 Interceptor Hood + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Day 7 – Dec 7
The Interceptor Package™ (TECGEN51 + H41 + FXR-TECGEN71) + TECGEN71 Booney Hat

Fire-Dex is now accepting entries to win. Good luck, thank you for your service and HAPPY NEW GEAR!

About Fire-Dex
Fire-Dex, headquartered in Medina, OH, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of protective firefighting clothing, emergency response apparel, NFPA hoods, helmets, gloves and boots. Fire-Dex proudly acquired TECGEN PPE in September of 2015, as its latest addition to the Fire-Dex family of brands. Visit for more information.