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Albuquerque Fire Department issues contract for 900 sets of Sperian Ultramotion Turnout Gear

Nov. 13, 2008 — A contract for more than 900 sets of Sperian ULTRAMOTION™ turnout gear has been awarded by the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Fire Department to Sperian Fire. This is believed to be one of the largest orders for turnout gear placed this year in the United States.

The Field Wear Trial Report issued by the Albuquerque Fire Department concluded, “The Selection Committee found that Sperian Turnout Gear performed and scored higher in almost every aspect evaluated — from comfort, to mobility, to overall features.”

Guy Lucas, Strategic Market Development Director of Sperian Protective Apparel, said “This outstanding performance is the result of ergonomic engineering based on firefighter input.”

“Sperian ULTRAMOTION design has details that allow firefighters a full range of motion,” he noted. “It has important safety features too, like the patented T-Closer™ collar that provides uninterrupted protection to the neck from flame, heat and abrasion.”

Two thirds of the ULTRAMOTION gear has been delivered in record time, assuring the firefighters of better protection without delay. Furthermore, as part of its service to the Albuquerque Fire Department, Sperian Fire is also training a local company to provide care and maintenance of the gear in compliance with NFPA 1851. This service is being provided free of charge to the Albuquerque Fire Department.

About Sperian Fire
Sperian Fire (formerly Survivair®, Biosystems™ and Securitex®) offers high performance respiratory gear, action ready protective apparel, and instrumentation for firefighting and emergency services. Well-known products include the Warrior™ SCBA, Sperian Ultramotion™ and Vectra SL™ turnout gear, Sperian Pathfinder™, and the Biosystems PosiChek3® SCBA Test Bench.