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Final Awards Made in Globe Gear Giveaway Program

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December 16, 2013 – Globe, in partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont), has announced the final two recipients in the 2013 Globe Gear Giveaway Program. Mossville Volunteer Fire Department (MS) and Monroe Hose Company (PA) will each receive four sets of new Globe turnout gear. In total, 51 sets of gear have been given to 14 volunteer fire departments in need this year.

“We thank Globe and DuPont for providing this very important program to help struggling volunteer fire departments provide proper protection to their members,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “We are very pleased to report that almost 200 sets of gear have been given to 30 fire departments in need since the program began in 2012. This program has had a significant impact on departments who simply can’t afford to purchase necessary equipment for their members.”

The gear giveaway program is sponsored by Globe and DuPont and administered through the NVFC. The 2013 program was open to NVFC members in the U.S. and Canada who are all-volunteer departments serving a population of 25,000 or less and who demonstrated a dire need for new gear that they cannot fulfill themselves.

The Mossville Volunteer Fire Department serves a rural area of Mississippi. Although the department has 21 active members, it only has five sets of gear available, all of which have been donated by surrounding departments. This puts the firefighters in great danger as they often have to respond at a scene without the proper protection. Some members are saving up to purchase gear out of their own pockets, but the cost is daunting. The four new sets of Globe turnout gear will provide critical assistance to the department and offer the firefighters much-needed protection as they serve their community.

The Monroe Hose Company in Monroeton, PA, is a small rural department about 30 miles south of the New York state border. The department hosts a series of fundraising events throughout the year to pay the bills and keep the apparatus running in order to help the public when they are in need. However, there are no funds left to provide new, compliant gear to the department’s 40 volunteer firefighters.

“I am the fire chief and I personally worry about my people not having the protection they need and deserve. We have tried for many years for the AFG grants and we have had no luck,” said Chief James E. Kobbe, Jr., regarding why he applied for a donation from the Globe Gear Giveaway Program. “I, along with my fire department, am grateful to be able to apply for such a donation.”

Stay tuned to the NVFC web site, Dispatch newsletter, and page on Facebook, as well as the Globe page on Facebook, for additional information and announcements regarding the Globe Gear Giveaway Program.

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