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BLAZEBLOCKER Announces “Build Safe - Save Lives” Program

In the development of BLAZEBLOCKER™ FIREWALL TAPE, Dura-Tape International had three objectives:

1.Construct a code compliant firewall assembly method utilizing our Wet n Stick® technology. The end product is a quick, easy application process for contractors providing a powerful bond that will never delaminate with a clean finished presentation.

2.Integrate flame retardant properties to resist fire ignition at the joint conveying an added safety component to the assembly; the first joint tape with flame retardants.

3.Employ an eco-friendly mindset; a green product made from reforested timberland, is re-pulpable, recyclable and coated with non-toxic adhesive.

Dura-Tape International met these goals with the invention of BLAZEBLOCKER™ FIREWALL TAPE. Commercial drywall contractors now have a high-speed process requiring minimal skill with the benefits of Wet n Stick® technology sans compound.

• ASTM E 119 certification - two hour rating
• Eliminates compound, not interfering with other trades workmanship
• Fire retardant agents resisting flame ignition at the joints
• Terminates air flow that feed flames
• Air tight bond does not delaminate under any conditions
• Wet n Stick® water-activated adhesive adheres to wallboard and metal supporting components
• Easily identifiable to inspectors by its blazing orange color

The addition of fire retardants to our product adds precious minutes of safety for the firefighter in saving lives.

The bravery exhibited by firefighters with the responsible building practices upheld by architect and contractor is incorporated into our logo and motto, “Build Safe - Save Lives”. The logo’s shape draws inspiration from the International Fire Fighters Association insignia seen in station houses nationwide.

Dura-Tape International established the “Build Safe - Save Lives” program that will donate proceeds of sales to the BLAZEBLOCKER™ Heroes Fund for the families whose members have fallen in the line of duty preserving the lives of others.

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