FM Global Launches New Fire Prevention Grant Program

JOHNSTON, R.I. — For organizations and agencies working to prevent the frequency and severity of fire in their communities, but that also face ongoing budget constraints that can hamper their best efforts, some additional relief may be in sight.

FM Global, one of the world's largest business property insurers, has created a new Fire Prevention Grant Program so fire departments-as well as national, state, regional, local and community organizations-can more effectively prevent fire, the leading cause of commercial and industrial property damage.

Funding from the new program is available to support a wide variety of fire prevention, preparedness and control efforts including, arson prevention and investigation; prefire planning for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities; fire prevention education and training initiatives; and fighting fire in sprinklered buildings, to name a few.

"At FM Global, we believe the majority of fire damage can be prevented and we are dedicated to helping those who share the same philosophy," said Michael Spaziani, the manager of the program.

"Working together, we can make a difference in preventing fire loss, rather than simply responding to the incident after it occurs."

For more information or to apply for a Fire Prevention Grant, please visit

The new grant program replaces FM Global's former arson grant fund, which, since 1974, has contributed millions of dollars to help fire services and related agencies prevent arson worldwide.

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