Testimonials for BIO-key Public Safety

“BIO-key’s PacketCluster is a powerful tool that we rely on to perform our public safety and law enforcement duties. The addition of AVL to our system will significantly increase the safety of our officers.”
Information Services Administrator, Antonio Flores
York County Department of Emergency Services

“Our plan consists of equipping all fire apparatus with PacketCluster Rescue. Once we are on-line, all Police, EMS, and Fire apparatus at DFW will be on the same system. Our ability to communicate system-wide over a secure network for coordinated emergency response between fire and police will facilitate a reduction in response times providing a higher level of customer service.”
Division Commander Jessie Gentry
DFW Fire Rescue Division

“We are extremely pleased with the way the PacketCluster solution has integrated seamlessly with our law enforcement procedures and met our requirement for an affordable and reliable solution. Based on our regional success and support from our City, we are adding the Fire Department to the system so that Alexandria’s public safety agencies can deliver a unified and coordinated response to any emergency or incident in the community.”
Chief Mike Ward
Alexandria, KY Police Department

“We turned to BIO-key to help us implement solutions that address the recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security for increasing our data sharing capability and improving our system’s security. With the addition of the BIO-key handheld units, the detectives and undercover officers will have access to silent communication and secure criminal justice information. This will increase their safety and the safety of the communities they serve. Also, as a regional provider, we store the criminal information for the towns we host so secure access is vital. BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric login provides superior security over our old password system, and is much more convenient to use since our officers no longer need to remember and reset their passwords.”
Sheriff Dan Collis
Belknap County, NH Sheriff Department

“After speaking with neighboring agencies, it became clear that BIO-key’s FireRMS system for records management was the best solution. Today we are rolling out the incident reporting modules, which have been well received by our users.”
Deputy Chief Michael Hyde
Hayward, CA Fire Department

“With MobileCOP installed in our vehicles officers can access NCIC, NLETS, DMV and other criminal justice databases in seconds. This reduces radio traffic with dispatch and gives our officers the advantage in dealing with a potentially serious situation.”
Captain James Cox
Galax, VA Police Department

“Parts of our county are somewhat isolated and the PacketCluster system will increase the safety of our officers and the community we serve with the added benefit of allowing the officers to spend more time on the street and less time in the office doing paperwork.”
Sheriff Tim Brennan
Brown County, MN Sheriff

“Our staffing personnel needed a more accurate and timely method to manage the roster. Constantly balancing sick days, vacation, overtime and union guidelines make the task extremely difficult. Implementing this rules-based system will significantly reduce the time we spend building our rosters. Having the software automatically update our FireRMS records while eliminating delays in verifying information will also ensure that our payroll system operate smoothly.”
Division Chief Greg Turner
Chino Valley, CA Fire Department

“It may look simple, but managing days off, overtime, sick days, balancing union rules and finding staff with the right credentials is a time-consuming and complex task. With this new telephone and rules-based system, the process is substantially automated. If someone calls in sick, the system records the absence, then identifies and contacts firefighters with the proper credentials to fill the position. When one is found, TeleStaff automatically updates FireRMS so that all records are accurate. All of this is accomplished with minimal involvement by the Battalion Chiefs."
Captain Tom Locke
Newark, CA Fire Department

“We have been successfully using BIO-key’s PacketCluster Patrol in conjunction with the Springfield, MO Police Department system. Our experience with the solution has been so positive, plus the direct communication capability officers has reduced the radio traffic and miscommunication so much, that we knew we had to get all agencies in Greene County on the system. These new units will enable officers in the smaller neighboring communities to have access to the same information and capabilities. This will be a huge benefit because now they too will have immediate access to the critical information they need to serve the community.”
Lieutenant Dave Hastings
Greene County, MO Sheriff Department

"Officers have immediate access to databases including the National Crime Information Center and state registries of motor vehicles to run queries on persons, vehicles, and guns,"
Chief Joseph C. Bober

"BIO-key's mobile office solution is one of the elements in the new IIMS used for homeland security by the PSP," "By using IIMS, PSP troopers can access and share critical, real-time data wherever they are—out in the field or in a consolidated dispatch center."
Ron Wilt
Pennsylvania State Police Director of Strategic Planning

"The citation solution provides a level of efficiency never achieved before in our department. In the first few days of operation, we had more than a 100% increase in tickets issued. The new system is much more efficient as it requires less data entry and also provides for electronic transfer to DMV and local courts," "Our officers have quick access to the system, and still see CAD dispatches and other messages in the PacketCluster environment."
Lieutenant Joseph Lennon
Police Department

"We view the FireRMS product as the core of our Fire Information System," "Most of our data will be housed within this product, and it will, therefore, be the central source of our reporting to the province, city council, media, and others."
Joe Puglia
Calgary's fire Information System Coordinator

"Prior to deploying PocketBlue, detectives had to use the radio to call in criminal checks because they typically didn't have access to the laptop outside their patrol cars. And since gangs and drug dealers often use radio scanners to track police activity, it can put our guys at risk," "Now, using PocketBlue, detectives can quickly access criminal information and send silent messages over a secure system without worrying about criminals knowing where they are and what they are doing."
Detective Scott Richards
Peabody Police Department

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