DEUS Rescue Introduces Complete, Pocket-sized Firefighter Bailout and Rescue Kit

Built Around the Groundbreaking DEUS™ 3100 and a Unique Carry & Deploy System

DEUS Rescue now offers the DEUS™ 3100 Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit, which combines the DEUS 3100 controlled descent device with all the tools needed for firefighters to rescue themselves, other firefighters, or civilians. This carefully engineered kit packs all the resources neatly out of a firefighter’s way, yet keeps them easily accessible for smooth deployment the moment they are needed.

Each kit includes a DEUS 3100 device, up to 50 feet of DEUS 7.5 mm fire-resistant rope and the new DEUS Carry & Deploy System (patent pending). This innovative packaging solution puts the DEUS 3100 device, rope and anchor right at hand for instant access, yet out of the way when not in use. The DEUS Carry & Deploy System includes a hip holster that can be worn on the right or left side, a connecting gooseneck to protect the rope, and a lumbar rope pouch. The system attaches to any harness (inside or outside bunker pants), carries comfortably and deploys easily.

“The DEUS 3100 Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit is about having the right tool immediately at hand for every escape and rescue scenario,” said James Fay, President of DEUS Rescue. “It enables hands-free bailout, rescue, and rapid sequential evacuation, in one compact kit. By including the DEUS 3100 pre-rigged, our kit makes emergency bailout and training safer, easier and faster.”

At the heart of the DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit is the DEUS 3100 Vertical Rescue System, the only bailout and rescue system that is speed limited to prevent free-fall, resulting in safer training and emergency use. For superior HANDS FREE bailout, no other system is easier, faster or safer than the DEUS 3100.

The DEUS 3100 controlled descent device weighs less than two pounds and uses exclusive DEUS 7.5 mm fire-resistant rope that is as strong as many 11 mm ropes, yet half the weight. Overall safety is optimized because the DEUS 3100 has four redundant braking systems; competitive systems have only one brake.

“Our kit is designed specifically to provide the all-in-one rescue tool firefighters need in a fire,” said Fay. “We worked with firefighters to create a kit that is easy to carry all the time and provides instant accessibility as well.”

With DEUS innovations evident in every one of its components, the unique DEUS 3100 Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit provides a widely versatile, yet safe and easy, rescue tool that no firefighter should be without.

DEUS has also developed versions of the Firefighter Bailout & Rescue kit with deployment options for carrying in bunker gear pockets or in a simple carry/throw bag. Like all firefighter bailout solutions, the DEUS Firefighter Bailout and Rescue Kit requires the addition of a proper harness for safe training and emergency use.

To learn more about the DEUS 3100 Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit or to schedule a demonstration at your own facility, call DEUS Rescue at 866-405-3461 or email

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