Sterling Rope Announces RIT Response™

Sterling Rope is excited to announce the RIT Response™; our latest heat resistant search line and escape rope. The RIT Response is engineered for Rapid Intervention Teams that need a larger diameter heat resistant search line that is easy to handle and is very packable. This rope is also perfect for those who want a larger diameter heat resistant escape rope.

The RIT Response is a kernmantle construction, with an Aramid fiber sheath called Twaron™, and a twisted polyester core. This construction gives the rope exceptional pack-ability and still provides enough firmness for handling and finding the rope in poor visibility. The sheath features a colored polyester tracer for increased visibility, and as heat reference for rope inspections. If the rope has been exposed to extremely high heat the polyester tracer will melt and give indication that the rope should be retired. The rope will still retain the majority of its strength and integrity even if the tracers have melted.

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