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Compact electric fire truck concept unveiled by Panasonic, Tropos Motors

The concept truck is just 6 feet and 5 inches tall to fit into tight spaces and is equipped with a Toughbook tablet

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The Connected Right-Sized Emergency Firetruck stands at just 6 feet and 5 inches tall and carries a 125-gallon tank.

Photo/Panasonic Corporation of North America

By Laura French

LAS VEGAS — A new electric fire truck standing at just under six-and-a-half feet tall was unveiled by Panasonic and compact utility startup Tropos Motors last week.

The Connected Right-Sized Emergency Firetruck, or Tropos FRV, concept was introduced at the CES 2020 technology showcase, and features a design meant to enable the truck to fit into tight spaces, including under most parking structures.

“These trucks have a footprint that fit on the width of a typical cart path,” a Panasonic press release stated.

The “right-sized” fire trucks are each equipped with a Panasonic Toughbook tablet and OneConnect analytics to provide battery and maintenance updates, as well as tampering and theft information.

“The Tropos FRV reduces environmental impact and operational cost – one-tenth the cost of a full-sized firetruck – while boasting similar capabilities of a full-sized firetruck,” a Panasonic spokesperson said.

According to the Tropos Motors website, the truck has a turning radius of 12.5 feet and carries a 125-gallon that conforms to National Fire Protection Association standards.