Powder Aerosol Knockdown Tool Introduced to U.S. Market

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This new tool could save your life, or your teammate's What is it?

http://www.arasafety.com/A new kind of fire suppression tool, a Powder Aerosol Generator. The FIT-5 is about the size of a lunchbox, and weighs about nine pounds. Its designed to be carried in Chiefs vehicles and on Fire Trucks. First Responders use it to knockdown fires prior to entering a burning structure. How does it work?

Powder Aerosol devices deploy a huge cloud of super-fine aerosol powder. This powder attacks the fire chemically, interrupting the Fire Triangle1. The powder is proven safe for people to be around, and is safe for equipment2. Oxygen levels in the room don't change, so any trapped victims aren't harmed. The aerosol acts like Halon, interrupting the flames within seconds.

Where can it be used?
You can use the FIT-5 on Class A, B and C fires, any fire in a contained space. A single FIT-5 can protect a 2,100 cubic feet (60 m3) sized room. Heat in the burning room drops from over 1,000° to under 300° within 15 seconds. Deploying a FIT-5 will completely prevent flash-over.

Why is it important?
The FIT-5 can save victims trapped in a fire, thousands die this way after every year. The only category of firefighter deaths that's increasing every year is deaths inside structure fires. Using a FIT-5 makes any fire safer to overhaul for firefighters. By reducing water damage the FIT-5 helps protect the cause of a fire, so investigating a fire is much easier.

Who's using it now?
The FIT System has been in use in Eastern Europe for over a decade. ARA Safety Inc has been test-marketing the FIT-5 in Western Canada since 2005. Over 90 per cent of Canadian departments invited to test the FIT-5 have purchased the system. The FIT-5 is the most powerful portable aerosol generator available. It's the only portable generator actually in service with fire departments anywhere in the world.

Insurance companies are replacing FIT-5 units for free!
Fire departments are successfully having insurance brokers pay the full cost of replacing a FIT-5 unit after it has been used in a fire. Why? Using an FIT-5 dramatically reduces damage from heat, smoke and water, thereby reducing the amount of the loss paid out by the insurer. Standards Compliance

The aerosol powder produced by the FIT-5 is uniquely safe, nontoxic, non-corrosive, non-conductive and environmentally friendly. After thorough testing, the FIT line of products has been found to meet or exceed the following international standards:

    • UL-2127 Standard for Inert Gas Clean Agent Extinguishers
    • UL-1254 Standard for Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical Extinguishers
    • ISO-TC 21/SC 8 N 225 (Europe) Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
    • CEN TC 191
(Europe) Condensed Aerosol Firefighting Systems

NOTE: These standards are used for listing fixed, electrically activated powder aerosol extinguisher systems, similar to the FIT-8 Series and the FIT-11 Series from ARA Safety Inc. PORTABLE, hand-held units like the FIT-5 do not require UL or ULC listings in North America.ARA Safety Inc is the sole distributor of FIT technology in North America.


For videos of deployments, please visit www.arasafety.com!

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