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First Arriving and Levrum announce integration partnership to display fire department resilience analytics

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ASHLAND, Va. and CORVALLIS, Ore. First Arriving and Levrum Data Technologies are excited to announce a new integration partnership that combines their industry-leading solutions to empower fire and EMS departments with advanced resilience analytics. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the operational capabilities of fire departments through innovative technology integration.

By integrating First Arriving’s powerful digital communication solutions for fire departments with Levrum’s cutting-edge incident prediction and optimization software, fire departments can now leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions and improve resilience in their operations.

The integration partnership between First Arriving and Levrum brings the following key advantages to fire departments:

  • Ensure your data is reliable
  • Monitor service demand and response performance
  • Transform raw data into situational awareness
  • Anticipation of changes to service demand
  • Explore and evaluate different courses of action

With Levrum’s ability to compile this all-important data for agencies and First Arriving’s ability to visually showcase key data. The companies have identified dashboard views to show department personnel important stats related to the recent history of calls, call type, where most of the action has been, and what units are the most active.

“In today’s fire service, effective data analytics, communication and information sharing is absolutely critical to the success of any organization. Levrum technologies data analytics and the First Arriving dashboards have been invaluable tools for our department. The boards allow us to quickly disseminate important information and updates to our personnel, and Levrum’s solutions have undoubtedly enhanced our coordination and response effectiveness. The combined power of these two technologies has been paramount to our department’s success,” said Assistant Chief David Rainwater of North Richland Hills Fire Department.

“We are thrilled to partner with Levrum to offer fire departments a comprehensive solution that combines the power of our communication solutions with advanced resilience analytics,” said First Arriving’s CEO, Dave Iannone. “Together, we are providing fire departments with the tools they need to proactively monitor, assess, and optimize their operations, ultimately enhancing their ability to serve and protect their communities.”

“By joining forces as integration partners with First Arriving, we can offer fire departments an integrated solution that facilitates data-driven decision-making and enhances overall operational resilience,” said Levrum’s President and Co-founder, Douglas Baily. “This partnership reflects our shared commitment to empowering fire agencies with innovative technology, enabling them to respond effectively and efficiently to incidents.”

About Levrum Data Technologies:
Levrum is a leading provider of technology solutions for emergency response operations. Using simulation and machine learning, Levrum’s technology suite enables cities and emergency response agencies to optimize operations, save lives, and protect property. With a deep understanding of the fire service, Levrum’s tools are developed by industry experts committed to helping responders fulfill their mission. For more information, visit

About First Arriving:
First Arriving is a leading technology and marketing company specializing in fire, EMS, law enforcement, and local government. First Arriving provides innovative solutions, including digital dashboards and signage, websites, video production, and marketing services that transform and engage. First Arriving’s clients include renowned public safety brands, agencies of all sizes, associations, and nonprofits. First Arriving is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and serves clients across North America. For more information, visit Learn more about this integration on First Arriving’s website: