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Cloudbakers offers free Google Meet for COVID-19 support

DENVER — As many employees are now working remotely in response to the current economic environment, Cloudbakers and Google want to do our part to help your workforce stay connected and productive. We are offering Google Meet for free thru September 30, 2020. After the free period, you have the choice to enable a regular subscription or simply turn it off with zero incurred charges.

What’s included in Google Meet

Google Meet includes everything from video conferencing and chat to file storage and collaboration (Google Drive). Connect with up to 250 meeting participants or 100K livestream viewers. You can record meetings and save them to Drive, along with the access to Docs, Sheets, Slides. Save all file types (including Microsoft) there and collaborate in real-time with your teams.

Get up and running quickly

Cloudbakers’ is offering a free, quick-stand up, and non-migration package that comes with:

  • Network review, analysis and planning workshop
  • Configuration of drive and Google Meet applications
  • Dedicated certified project management team
  • Admin training for management optimization
  • Sample communications for organizational awareness
  • Access to end user continuous training portal (CLaaS)
  • Premium admin support with customer care team

About Cloudbakers
Cloudbakers is a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner with the cloud migration and adoption solutions and person-to-person support to take your business to the top of its game.