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Indiana Integrated Public Safety Commission relies on FirstNet Ready™ Cradlepoint Solutions for instant broadband access from any emergency site

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BOISE, Idaho — Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered 4G and 5G wireless network edge solutions, announced today the Indiana Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) is using FirstNet Ready™ Cradlepoint COR Series mobile router solutions to connect first responder operations across the state.

IPSC is the state agency charged with facilitating interoperable communications between local, state and federal public safety agencies. As such, they implemented a statewide 700/800 MHz land mobile radio system as well as a statewide CAD/Mobile Data system for public safety use during routine, emergency and task force situations. IPSC recently integrated Cradlepoint ruggedized mobile router solutions into its emergency services strategy to augment the use of satellite, which often delivered patchy and inconsistent coverage.

IPSC uses FirstNet – the nationwide public safety communications platform – with Cradlepoint devices to implement a next-generation public safety network solution that allows first responders to quickly deploy a fast, reliable and interoperable “connectivity bubble” on the scene of almost any disaster or emergency incident. The FirstNet communications platform and related services are designed to enable first responders to access and share information in almost any disaster situation—even when commercial cellular networks are overloaded or unavailable. IPSC first responders using FirstNet-connected Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions are able to improve their efficiency, safety and response times, gaining access to critical applications, device connectivity, and seamless field interagency and cross-jurisdictional communications.

“One of our biggest challenges we faced in the past when deployed on an incident—whether it was a tornado or flood, any catastrophic event—was that we weren’t able to have the services and broadband connectivity that was needed. We then required satellite to provide such services,” said Tyler Clements, IPSC Field Services Coordinator. “But now, FirstNet-connected Cradlepoint devices enable us to instantly provide that service, to set up a command center, and establish strong broadband connectivity from almost anywhere in minutes.”

IPSC uses the Cradlepoint COR Series mobile router solutions with FirstNet Ready™ MC400 modems for mobile command networks, including in structures that limit most signals. In the future, IPSC is assessing using these solutions in its vehicles as well.

“We tested the FirstNet Ready™ Cradlepoint solution for our vehicles, and the signal was so strong that, in many areas, vehicular mounted antennas weren’t needed; while operating in low coverage areas, vehicle antennas leveraged signal strength,” Clements said. “These all-in-one solutions are plug-and play. You can deploy these in a tent, a mobile command center, or in a vehicle and it is seamless technology. The solutions are simple, and the admin tools are easy to learn. If we ever need help, we’ve always been able to quickly connect to a Cradlepoint engineer for support 24x7—even during the trial.”

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