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Opticom® Grant Assistance Program Now Available for Public Safety

St. Paul, Minnesota – Global Traffic Technologies (GTT), manufacturer of the Opticom® system for Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) is pleased to announce its participation in a program to link emergency response and public safety departments with grant funding opportunities.

Opticom® EVP enables fire trucks, police vehicles and ambulances to navigate congested intersections more effectively. As a result agencies can improve response time while mitigating the potential for costly accidents.
In these tough economic times, dollars are scarce and many city and county budgets are being cut. The amount of grant dollars available for fire, police, and EMS has remained strong, yet many departments are unfamiliar with the grant process and lack the knowledge or resources to successfully apply for grants.

GTT has joined the grant assistance program managed by,, and to assist those interested in purchasing the Opticom® EVP system.

“Grants are a critical source of funding for departments across the country. The purpose of our program is to provide thorough information about available grants and the tools to create successful applications,” said Sarah Wilson, Director of the Grants Program. “We are proud to be able to assist with simplifying the grants process for first responders.”

Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, and EMS Agencies interested in obtaining grant assistance can visit the website and fill out a grant assistance form via the links below:

Fire Departments:
Law Enforcement Agencies:
EMS Agencies:

Global Traffic Technologies, LLC (GTT), formed in 2007 from 3M’s pioneering Intelligent Transportation Systems business, is the manufacturer of Opticom® priority control systems and Canoga® traffic sensing systems. These systems have provided safe and reliable traffic solutions to communities for over 40 years. GTT’s ongoing commitment to innovation continues to proactively deliver advanced transportation solutions to help emergency, transit and traffic personnel increase safety, minimize traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while maximizing resource efficiency and performance.
Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, GTT is the market leader in traffic management systems, having an installed base of over 70,000 intersections in over 2,500 cities worldwide.

About, and offers a multitude of grant assistance tools such as: research guidance, grant writing and review, grant resources, tools, news, and much more. The grant assistance program includes a number of options for fire, EMS and police departments seeking assistance in securing grant funding.