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Sonim supports XP8 deployments to first responders and emergency management teams

Designated ‘Essential Supplier’ by major U.S. carrier

AUSTIN, Texas – Sonim Technologies, Inc., a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, today provided an update on some recent deployments to support first responder and emergency management customers at the front-line of the COVID-19 crisis.


“Sonim is prepared to support deployment of our rugged mobile devices as needed by emergency management and first responder personnel, and particularly those engaged in supporting our local, state and national response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tom Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer. “The ability to aggressively clean and disinfect our ultra-rugged smartphone is resonating with emergency management offices as they look to equip their personnel with critical communications equipment that keeps them, their colleagues, their facilities and their families safe.”

Recent deployments include two states where Sonim rugged Android XP8 smartphones were rapidly configured and provisioned for the state’s emergency management personnel. The ability to fully sanitize the devices was a critical need for these deployments.

Another state’s Health Department placed two orders for Sonim rugged Android XP8 smartphones in an effort to coordinate communications with a large number of ambulances that are transporting patients between various healthcare facilities to address potential capacity constraints. Cross-agency communication, including amongst both state and federal agencies, is a critical requirement for this deployment. The XP8 met the challenge with its integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability, interoperability with LMR radios, and support for the public safety dedicated network.

Sonim devices are also well-equipped to support the deployment of mobile COVID-19 testing centers and temporary healthcare centers, due to the ability to enable critical communications and serve as a rugged hotspot that can quickly provide connectivity for the devices needed in these testing/healthcare centers. As both a phone and a hotspot, Sonim devices support the Band 14 public safety network, ensuring customers can leverage the priority and preemption if necessary.

The Sonim RDK (rapid deployment kit) can also support “pop-up” testing and healthcare centers. The RDK allows a mobile center to be up and running in minutes, including LTE and WiFi connectivity, satellite backhaul backup and integration and interoperability with other devices, including LMR radios.

“We are proud to support those on the front lines of this pandemic, emergency management and first responder personnel, essential workers keeping our infrastructure operating and business customers using Sonim’s rugged mobile devices to solve the challenges of remote and distributed workforces under social distancing and work from home mandates,” said Wilkinson. “Sonim team members have stepped up to support multiple emergency deployments these last few weeks.”

The company notes that while the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in XP8 unit deployments in the short-term, the additional demand is drawing down inventory placed previously with major US carriers. “We believe this will be a positive for Sonim in the long-term,” added Wilkinson. “In the short-term, our focus is supporting the carriers and customers to address their needs.”

Essential Supplier Designation:
Additionally, Sonim has been notified by a major US carrier that it has been designated as an Essential Supplier providing critical services “to ensure first responders, emergency responders, public messaging, 911 communications and other critical communications remain functional.” Select Sonim staff have traveled to support critical deployments of Sonim mobile devices for emergency management services and other agencies as part of this effort.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a renewed emphasis on mobile device hygiene, where studies have shown that mobile devices can be carriers of pathogens if not properly cleaned and disinfected. Unlike most consumer cellphones and even “hospital-grade” handheld devices, cleaning and disinfecting chemicals can be applied directly to the Sonim device, which can be aggressively scrubbed and then wiped down to ensure the device is fully sanitized.

Push-to-Talk and Hotspot Capabilities:
Sonim’s devices are well-suited to accommodate and facilitate the change in business practices in many industries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, food delivery services, educational facilities and other companies are in need of rapidly deployable and reliable communications and coordination solutions so they can efficiently meet customer needs and ensure the safety of their employees. The capabilities of Sonim devices, such as Push-to-Talk and hotspot integration, have proven to be instrumental in this transition.

“The rapid changes in workplace practices and lifestyle brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have many businesses working to find new ways to support fast mobile communications and remote connectivity for employees increasingly on the go as part of delivery or support infrastructure or working from home-based locations,” said Wilkinson. “Sonim’s devices are uniquely adapted to this environment, having been designed for dispersed workforces that need rugged, reliable communications and data solutions in any environment.”

Wilkinson added, “On behalf of all the employees at Sonim, we want to share our admiration for the first responders that are at the front-line of dealing with this crisis, as well as the workers providing essential services supporting all of our local communities. We take great pride in the role that Sonim plays to support and serve those that serve us. I also want to thank all the Sonim employees for their flexibility and agility to respond to the changes and customer needs brought about by COVID-19.”

Operations Update:
As mentioned in the Company’s press release on March 20, Sonim’s manufacturing operations in Asia are back to full manufacturing capacity. The company’s employees around the world are complying with work-from-home and shelter-in-place requirements set by local governments around the world to ensure their safety and the safety of their communities.

Investor Meetings
Sonim CEO Tom Wilkinson and CFO Bob Tirva are available for virtual meetings with interested investors. Meetings can be arranged by contacting Matt Kreps of Darrow Associates, investor relations for Sonim, at