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TrafficLand Offers Public Safety Agencies Upgraded Access to Roadside DOT Cameras

Fairfax, Virginia, July, 2014 - TrafficLand®, the largest authorized aggregator of live traffic video in the U.S., with a national network of over 18,000 roadside DOT traffic cameras, is now offering public safety agencies an upgraded real-time user interface for its IP-based roadway camera-monitoring service. The company has also introduced a new API for software developers, which allows integration of TrafficLand networked video into existing systems.

TrafficLand VMC upgrades the company’s legacy map-based service, VDS (Video Distribution System), which is used by first-responder agencies to view real-time video from roadside DOT traffic cameras providing valuable access to critical video for situational awareness. The upgraded VMC service offers users the ability to view dozens of DOT cameras at once, adds advanced camera search capability by name and route and a user-generated ‘Top Cameras’ feature. The Top Camera feature presents a display of cameras ranked by current viewing activity that can work as an early warning about incidents and their wider impact.

The new TrafficLand API allows the same real-time video content from local, regional or DOT traffic cameras nationwide to be integrated into existing systems currently used by first responder agencies.

About TrafficLand
TrafficLand is the largest authorized aggregator and distributor of live traffic video in the U.S. Its patented Image Engine® technology provides single-source access to live traffic video from over 18,000 traffic cameras, in more than 200 cities on its network. Video formats and services offered by TrafficLand support mobile applications, traveler information websites, broadcast traffic reporting, navigation devices and a dedicated service for DOTs and public safety agencies to aid traffic management and emergency response. More information is available about TrafficLand at

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