WHP rolls out modular training tower

The training tower can be reconfigured for different training scenarios and moved by a telehandler

WHP Trainingtowers says its patent-pending modular fire-training simulator, MODx, is the first alternative to containerized training units. The units are grant-eligible and easy to expand.

The integrity of the unit relies on the fully galvanized structural steel frame that allows for open floor plans without any interior columns or beams. The walls are independent of the unit, which allows all walls to be easily moved, removed or reconfigured.

Additionally, doors and windows are interchangeable — attached by four bolts — allowing for a wider variety of training exercises with the system.

Photo courtesy WHP Trainingtowers
Photo courtesy WHP Trainingtowers

The structural, composite concrete floor system is engineered to mitigate typical water drainage issues previously seen in containerized systems that are designed to keep water confined.

MODx is customizable, available in multiple sizes and configurations and can be built to customized specifications. It is trailer mountable and/or moveable with a telehandler.

MODx was built to provide confined space training, forcible entry and reconfigurable maze systems. The modules have both Class A and gas simulator burn capabilities.

The module allows for rappelling and laddering for real-world fire training scenarios. Variable pitched roof with chop outs allow for roof operations training.

The lining system uses WHP Trainingtowers proprietary Super Padgenite HD, the only UL-listed lining system that is designed specifically for the fire service. Super Padgenite HD was developed to withstand repeated hose spray and the rigors of fire training.

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