FAAC Simulators Conclude 2010 as Public Safety Industry’s Top Choice

2010 was a crowning year for FAAC Incorporated, which through its number of units sold and empirically based head-to-head competition, was deemed the top choice in the driver training simulation industry.

Credit for this prestigious designation is due to:

- FAAC’s proven, industry leading design and development capability
- Its long history serving the marketplace and understanding the needs of its customers
- An in-house team of engineering, computing, management, and quality control specialists. Unlike the competition, our development team is on-site and composed of salaried, full-time professionals.
- Ownership of its own proprietary software, so it is not beholden to 3rd party licensing agreements like other simulator manufacturers
- In-house research and development labs
- A dedicated Warranty / Service Department team that has proven itself for more than 35 years, unlike some companies who employ part-time Service representatives

“The accolades that FAAC has received in the past year are not due to one specific aspect of the company,” said David Bouwkamp, director of commercial business development. “The marketplace has analyzed the collective body of work from the driver training simulator companies in this industry and has deemed our product, approach, belief, principles, and integrity to be the qualities they want in the company they do business with.

“The driver training simulator industry is becoming very knowledgeable, and they are beginning to call out companies who overstate their capabilities and do not fully disclose their limitations. That is why more agencies chose FAAC last year – we are experts in this field and it shows. If we cannot do something for you, or do not have a specific capability, we will tell you up front. The marketplace has taken note of that level of integrity and honesty.” 

FAAC Incorporated makes the highest quality driver training simulators for emergency response, law enforcement, transit bus and rail, and military land vehicles.

To learn how a driver training simulator system can benefit your agency, visit www.faac.com


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