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FLAIM Systems announce the latest generation of immersive learning for fire and rescue

Trainer T3 offers new immersive features with real-life equipment and physics-based object motion



WARUN PONDS, Australia — FLAIM Systems, a leader in immersive learning solutions, unveiled its most advanced firefighter training system, FLAIM Trainer T3, delivering collaborative training solutions for fire and rescue departments.

The development of T3 has been informed by end-user feedback from fire and rescue departments across the globe. Trainer T3 will transform how firefighters train through immersive learning with improved realism, and new features including Team Training and Capture – FLAIM’s proprietary Learning Performance Analytics System.

Through a combination of industry standard fire safety equipment and Virtual Reality (VR), the FLAIM Trainer system safely prepares firefighters for the dangerous mission ahead by delivering a “feels real” learning experience without the hazards, cost and environmental impact of traditional live fire simulation training. The multi-sensory learning solution bridges the gap between classroom and physical training, equipping firefighters with a greater understanding of a growing variety of real-life risks to better prepare for the hazards they face in real life incidents.

“Multi-sensory kinesthetic learning is a powerful solution for building muscle memory that prepares people to respond better to a real-life event” said Dr James Mullins, Chief Technology Officer at FLAIM Systems. “We’ve made significant reality enhancements to Trainer to better-replicate real-life fire scenarios, therefore creating a greater sense of realism, so that firefighters can better prepare for the mission ahead”.

Trainer T3 offers new immersive features, including advanced heat suit sensitivity, a life-like audio experience, radio communications and enhanced realism scenarios with real-life equipment and physics-based object motion.

The Capture Learning Performance Analytics System propels training intelligence to the next level, delivering metrics on individual and team performance that can inform training strategy and automate the delivery of auditable firefighter training records.

Team Training facilitates simultaneous, coordinated, remote access training for multiple users, offering a scalable cloud-based solution for cross-department and role-based team training.

“With the introduction of T3, not only have we elevated the individual training experience, but we’ve created an environment where firefighters, observers and incident command roles, can role play in lifelike fire incidents to evaluate individual and team-based communication and decision making. This enhances team cohesion and operational readiness without the logistical challenge of getting departments all in one place” said Simon Miller, CEO at FLAIM Systems.

“Customer feedback is central to the development of our product roadmap. Since launch of FLAIM Trainer in 2019, we actively sort feedback from our early adopters to deliver more valuable training that can improve learning delivery programs to help keep their people and the public safe” added Miller.

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About FLAIM Systems

FLAIM is a global leader in immersive learning solutions, preparing those who serve for their everyday challenges. Through the intersection of technology and science, FLAIM continues to push the boundary to deliver economically viable and environmentally safer “feels real” simulated synthetic learning experiences.

With more than 700 systems installed and used in 45 countries by more than 300 customers, FLAIM is transforming how personnel train in dangerous and difficult-to-conduct conditions.