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Hero Adventure Trailer delivered to Bloomfield (NM) Fire Department

JHB Group Completes Delivery of FEMA FP&S Funded Fire Safety Edutainment Platform

Cary, IL – JHB Group, Inc. completed delivery of a new 18ft Hero Adventure Trailer to the Bloomfield Fire Department in Bloomfield, NM. Bloomfield Fire Chief, John Mohler, took delivery of the custom 18ft mobile events platform from JHB Group, Inc. that is designed to fulfill numerous capabilities for the fire department including all-ages fire safety education, special events, training, community relations, recruitment and more. Funding for the fire safety trailer came from a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant that the department received at the end of 2018.

The Hero Adventure Trailer comes from firefighter owned and operated, JHB Group, Inc, and is the first US Patented mobile edutainment platform. This game-changing trailer is quickly gaining interest throughout the fire service with unmatched versatility and ease of use for fire safety education. The design of the Hero Adventure Trailer utilizes the smallest sized trailers ever to be offered for fire safety education with the largest list of functions and program opportunities for fire departments and communities. The Hero Adventure Trailer is not only being sought after by fire departments across the country for its special fire safety edutainment capability, but also for its unmatched versatility with team building, recruitment, special events, fundraising and more. Law enforcement and military agencies are also having custom units created for other variations of the patented platform.

The Hero Adventure Trailer is the newest development from creators of the FireZone, the country’s largest fire safety events facility that has been in operation since 2009 in Schaumburg, IL. The new mobile events platform is the company’s latest evolution from its success within its 7000sqft fire safety facility into the ultimate mobile edutainment platform. The Hero Adventure Trailer merges education, hazard identification and safe correction, team building, adventure and hands-on fun into the most versatile mobile events platform ever created for the fire service. The real appeal comes from the hybrid design allowing for all-ages activities for kids, teens and adults all from a single 18ft platform.


About JHB Group, Inc.

JHB Group, Inc. is a firefighter owned and operated small business specializing in custom mobile events platforms for fire, police and military uses.